A Happy Ending...

I know how the book ends. Trust me. So turn back to that page where your bookmark sits, waiting for you to live the way you were meant to live, savoring every moment.

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Fat Tuesday Funk

Hello friends and readers. My apologies for the little hiatus. It's been a little busy here in my world and every time I've thought to write, I either a) got sidetracked, b) just plain didn't have the energy, or c) realized I really had nothing to say.

A bit of good news for those who are keeping track: Rich met with the Commission on Ministry who gave him their blessing to go to seminary next year. This is actually fantastic news for him and for us and basically means that come Fall, he'll be enrolled in seminary...somewhere. The final step to this process is a meeting with the Bishop in which they'll decide where he'll go to school. I'll keep you posted as to what comes of that. Bottom line: we'll both be moving in the near future. It was a wonderful day for him and I'm very proud of him and the work he has done.

Some other good news. I have a new neice! She was born one week ago today and I'm so excited! I have two nephews who I love to peices and now I finally have a little girl to dote on. I would seriously give my arm, my leg, my heart for any one of those kids. They are precious to me. I don't have any good pics yet, but those will be forthcoming.

I'm in a bit of a funk today. First of all (and my apologies to my male readers) I have terrible cramps. I seriously feel like someone is twisting my insides in violent anger. I can't find a position to sit comfortably and I have found that standing is not much better. I'm hoping they'll go away soon, but I fear this is just the beginning.

I didn't sleep very well last night. I got to bed much later than usual and then couldn't sleep. Trishy is a 8-9 hour a night girl. My head hit the pillow at like 1:00am and I don't think I dozed off until about 3. And after that I would sleep for a time and then wake up restless, doze back off...you know the drill. Not a pleasant night, so I'm groggy today. I never sleep well when I go to bed with something on my mind. Unfortunately, it was one of those nights where I really couldn't do anything about the thing on my mind, so I was helpless. Does anyone else experience this? I know people who can sleep like babies all the time and my sleep has everything to do with my emotional state and I hate that!

I'm hoping everything will feel better today and I'll sleep tonight, but I've got a really busy day and night tonight, so we shall see. We have our Fat Tuesday luncheon here at the office and then I've got the Pancake Supper tonight at church. That also means I'm going to miss American Idol which sucks. I'm also going to miss the beginning of Amazing Race, which also sucks. I miss last Spring when Richie and I had this Tuesday routine of going to the park to play frisbee, eating at our favorite Vietnamese place, and then heading home in time for Amazing Race. I realize now in his absence how precious those simple days were and are to me. The weather is amazing today as well.

Have I successfully depressed you, dear readers? I hope not. I'm just feeling funky right now and I can't shake it. I hope everything is going well in your worlds. My dear Lauren is heading to the Carolinas with Becky and I'm so excited for them. I know that's going to be a wonderful and memorable trip. Perhaps we'll be one step closer to being only 6 hours apart next year! Be safe girls and have a blast. I want to hear all about it. And you boys in Winston-Salem...be good to them!

Monday, February 13, 2006

The Yellow Brick Road

Hello Friends and Readers! Well, today marks one week before a very important day for Rich and I. Next Monday, he will go before the Commission on Ministry and they will make the decision as to whether or not to send him to Seminary this fall. Our future pretty much rests in their hands at this point. They decide "if" we will go and then the Bishop decides "where" we will go, so as you can see, our life is not ours to decide right now. I speak for myself here, because this is Richie's meeting, not mine, but I have this whole mess of emotion in me right now. If you are the praying kind, I hope that you'll add us to your long list of things to discuss with God.

The uncertainty...
Where will we live next year? Where will I get a job? What will I do...I mean it's not like I really have a field in particular? I like to be proactive, but I can't do anything until I know what city to be job-searching in. And money. How much will we have to depend on my salary? I've just had to sit back for months and months and stew over this, all the while not being able to do anything. Sitting back breeds worry. And worried I am...

The excitement...
I've lived in Texas since the age of 4. I'm totally up for an adventure right now. I've found the man I am going to spend my life with and I can't think of a better partner on the journey. We'll live in a new place, make new friends, learn to be independent, find new parks, new restaurants, new interests, share new adventures. We'll make a new life TOGETHER. It's amazing to think about! The places we could end up are narrowed down to a probable two and both are beautiful and wonderful places to live.

The logistics...
The date has been set, but there is so much to do. Figure out where we're going to be living, find a job. Move out of my apartment and into my parents' house. Move my stuff with Rich to wherever it is we are headed. Get married. This could literally mean Rich flying home for the weekend to marry me (literally sweep me off my feet) depending on the academic calendar! Then I'll have to move. Needless to say, lots of moving in the months ahead. And pulling off this wedding...a little bit stressful. Just ask him how many times I've suggested we run away and get married. Richie, if you are reading this, the offer still stands. Screw the pretty dress and the pretty flowers!

The joy...
Who am I kidding? All the crap aside, I'm simply overjoyed at the thought of marrying this guy. Overjoyed. He's wonderful. We're wonderful together. I love him, I love him, I love him. He's fun, smart, sexy, SO kind, strong, exciting, thoughtful. He calls me his angel and he thinks I'm purty, too. I can't wait until we are husband and wife. Seriously, can't wait...

This entry is completely incoherent, so I apologize for that. Wait a minute, no I don't. This is my blog. Deal with it. I'm incoherent sometimes. That's who I am. Trishy's got lots to think about and do these days.

Again, if you are the praying kind, please remember us.

If you are not, I really don't know how you do it.

Friday, February 03, 2006

The World is Full of Stupid People

And her rant continues. Yes, I'm going off on someone else today because I simply will burst if I do not proceed with this entry.

You know how people lose all ability to drive when it rains. Not from Houston? You might not know what I mean. The minute the rain drops begin to fall onto relatively normal people, who we can expect are typically good drivers (who am I kidding? a good driver is a precious commodity in Houston) they freak. They lose all ability to reason, to judge, to use their blinkers, to stay in their lanes. They come unglued and sit on nerve's edge with their white nuckles glued to the steering wheel at 10 and 2, yet some force from within takes over and seems to bring out some reckless abandon in those moments of panic. In essence, they are stupid. It's rain, people! Yes, the roads will be a little bit slick. (But in the city of oil and humidity, when are they not?) Slow down, calm down, and drive just as you would on an easy Sunday afternoon and you'll be just fine. But no, they become idiots on the road, slaves to the weather conditions, and their stupity is inexcuseable.

I've learned that these same stupid people must also be the parents of the lovely children whose paperwork passes (read: ends up in a big, messy, confusing pile on top of a pile, on my desk) through my office this time of year. I'm telling you, these parents, win the stupid award. Here are a few scenarios I've encountered this week that are not at all made-up:

Stupid Woman #1: Hi Trish. Look, I know my daughter is in the 4th grade, but her best friend in the whole world is in 6th and they want to go to the Jr. High Retreat together. Me: I'm sorry stupid woman, but the Jr. High retreat is only for 6-8 graders. I cannot allow your 4th grader to attend. I can however, place them both in the intermediate retreat that weekend (for 4-6 graders), that would be no problem. SW#1: Ok that would be great. I'll fax it to you right now.
10 minutes later...Me (thinking to myself): Um, so best friend is in the 7th grade, or so it says on her form. So I call SW#1 back to break the bad news. I explain the whole scenario and tell her that there is no possible way for me to put them in the same retreat. To which SW#1 replies: Ok great they're going to be so excited. Thus, I realize she has not listened to a damn word I've just said and I proceed to repeat myself to which SW#1 replies: Well that's not fair.

Not fair? It's not fair that you're so damn stupid and couldn't see the grades clearly laid out on the damn registration form and that I have to waste my breath talking you through this universal tradgedy.

Stupid Woman #2: So, I know I'm past the deadline, but is there any way you can get my daughter in to the intermediate retreat. Me: I'm sorry ma'am, but the retreat is full. I have a waiting list going, but it's pretty long. SW#2 interjects: Oh, could you please just put my daughter on the waiting list. She REALLY wants to go. I'm going to lose the "Mom of the Year" award over this. (Me: thinking to myself how much I don't care because I've heard that same song all day and frankly it's OLD) Me: Sure, I'd be happy to do that for you and I'll let you know if we have a space free up. I must tell you that your daughter is number 18 on the waiting list, and we tend to only have 2-3 drop out. E-mail from SW#2 this morning: Trish can you tell me if my daughter will be able to attend the retreat. We're very curious as to wether she got in or not. Me: Well stupid mom, seeing as how there were 17 children ahead of her on the list and there was not a break-out overnight of the black plague or some other epidemic, no, she is not in yet, but I'll be SURE to keep you posted (wink, wink)

Is there something about being a parent that makes you crazy? I know they love their kids, but really, have some sense about you people.

I've also received registration forms for the following:

a girl whose name is Jessica but she goes by "Jezka." Apparently very important. Just tell everyone to say your name fast, you idiot. Nobody spells their name that way.

a boy whose mother felt compelled to offer his precise height and weight on his registration just for the hell of it. Thought we might like to know that about his measurements.

Shall I continue? Eh, I'm getting quite bored of myself and annoyed all over again at these people so I think I shall close there. I'm seriously not a hater, I just wish people would think.

Do you know any stupid people?

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Look's like somebody's got a case of the Monday's...

Oh that's right. ME. (I'll kick my own ass for saying a thing like that, thank you very much)