A Happy Ending...

I know how the book ends. Trust me. So turn back to that page where your bookmark sits, waiting for you to live the way you were meant to live, savoring every moment.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Ducks in a Row

Whenever I don't post for a while, I always feel the need to apologize to my faithful (however few) readers. Guess it's kind of in my nature to apologize for everything; guess I'll need some time on the couch to work through that issue. Just the other day, I was walking by my cubemate's countertop and after bumping into it, I said "ouch" followed by "I'm sorry." Yes, I apologized to a counter. Have I made my point.

Anyway, it would seem that I've had nothing to write about in this two week hiatus, but quite the contrary. I think I'm simply so overwhelmed by my life right now that writing a blog seemed like just another thing to do. Ok, so it's not that bad, but in all reality, my head is swarming with so many thoughts, I could think of no clear way to write about one or two.

As of March 10th, Rich is officially a Postulant and we will be headed to the University of the South in Sewanee, TN where he will begin seminary this Fall. Yeah. Big change. I keep telling him that the hard part is over for him. He knows his future. He'll be in school. They'll pretty much tell him what classes to take. That's pretty much all he has to think about. But this is only the beginning for me. On top of the two jobs I am working now, and the wedding I am planning, and the marriage we're preparing for, I must find a job in a city (a very, very small city) that I've never been to, and plan for a move that will happen in two phases:

1. My lease will be up the first of August (ish) and I will give all my lovely furniture to my honey, and move into my parents' house. (oh, the joy) When Richie's lease is up, he'll move to Tennessee with my furniture.

2. Richie will fly home to marry me. He'll get on a plane the next day to head back to Sewanee for class. I'll get in my lil' Liberty and drive to TN with my clothes and my remaining posessions in the back.

Now, don't get me wrong. I am absolutely elated to be going to Sewanee. Look at it: who wouldn't be?

(I seriously stink at adding pictures to my blog!)

Can you see why this is totally exciting and yet stressful at the same time? I'm so excited for my darling and so proud of him and I really can't wait for this adventure, but so many things have to happen in the next 8 months, that it's just a little overwhelming.

My friend Cora said to me the other day. "Don't even worry about it. You're not just going there because that's where Rich is supposed to go to Seminary. They need you, too. It's out of your control." I really hadn't thought of it that way, and I must admit, it's a comfort.

Still, as someone who likes her ducks in a row (those who know me well can vouch for that) this is a stressful time. I'm doing all the groundwork I can now: sending resumes and letters to perfect strangers and telling them how hard I will work for them. And that's not a lie. I'm a passionate person and I will work hard. I guess I have that going for me.

So can you see why I haven't written lately? Life has just changed significantly. A good change. But a change, just the same.

Be well, my friends...

Monday, March 06, 2006

My new niece

So this isn't an official blog, but here's my new niece. Ain't she purty? I'm definitely a smitten and proud aunt once again.

I painted the little pink and green crown thingy for her room. Had to give myself a little plug there since I'd like to go into business one of these days!

Seriously, this little girl is a doll. And here's one of proud big brother thinking "can we keep her?"

Folks, I don't have my own kids yet, but I'm quite certain that this is what life is all about. Don't worry honey...six more years. I'm not going back on our bargain, I just think that this is the stuff of life!

I'm glad that my Texas girls made it back safely from the Carolinas. Boys, I'm anxious to hear your side of the story...

A real post will be coming your way in a day or two. The creative juices just aren't flowing yet. It is Monday...give me a break!